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The Quick Updates of Doom.....

[1.] Update on the 50webs situation: I have contacted support on the matter and I'm hoping for a positive response; or at least an explanation on why my site was blocked. So for now; there is not much I can do.

Update 2 (02/15/2011): The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage is back on-line.

[2.] Well; I was wrong. Dragon Quest VI DS was available at the store today and I picked it up; along with an extra treat: Arc Rise Fantasia. Whoopie! I didn't think I would ever find that title. Sadly; Volume 265 of Nintendo Power (the big 3DS paper unveil) won't be available until Tuesday at the earliest. No; this doesn't mean that I'm going to work on Kick Buttowski tomorrow. I'm going to play on my DS and Wii all day. Well; not all day, I still have a report to do and mail in; plus I might go to the Superstore to see if the NP Magazine is there.

[3.] I said earlier that Fish Hooks was supposed to end in three episodes. I was wrong...again. It looks like they are planning 42 episodes for Season One instead of 21! So; next week I'm going to do my regular two shorts a Tuesday. Next week after that; I might do Kick Buttowski. Might. The TaleSpin sked stays as is to weekends. Once that is done along with my supplemental materials; I'll be doing prep work for three episodes of Quack Pack for the Easter sadism; and I might expand it to include all of April and do some shorts of Fanboy & Chum Chum. If you thought the new Disney is bad; wait until you see the new Nickelodeon. Then it's prep work for Gummi Bears and the Ducktales movie. If there are more Kick Buttowski shorts on Youtube in English; then I'm rant on those along with Fish Hooks.

[4.] I finally got two walks in over 30 minutes for a change. Thank you mild weather!


February 25th to be exact. I actually like the box art and they actually gave Kit's kisser a zoom in on the left of the box. Very nice indeed. Still need to reduce the yellow on Baloo's shirt though.

[6.] I have updated the 3DS Gamelist again:

Added three titles from n-Space, one from Disney Interactive and the announcement of Spongebob Sqigglepants to 3DS. The n-space titles are not coming until at least the Fall of 2011; while the other two will likely make it during the launch window of the 3DS. This also contradicts T*HQ's earlier stance that they were not planning titles until the fall.

So I'll see you all on Saturday with Road to Macadamia.

Update (02/17/2011): Yes Chris; there will be new comic books featuring Ducktales starting in May:

And Warren Spector is writing the series. I thought that (a) Warren was more interested in 3DS and (b) doesn't Ducktales seem redundant since the Uncle Scrooge comics covers that nicely? Well; I did say that we probably won't have an announcement on TaleSpin until at least June; but considering how difficult TaleSpin is; you have to wonder if Gargoyles is next.

Update (02/18/2011): James Silvani on his blog posted the following on the TaleSpin situation:

From my meager knowledge of the situation, the problem with Talespin is on 2 fronts. One is that the characters involved originated from the feature films which involves a whole 'nuther set of licensing. And I think the other problem with any TS licensing in general is that Louis Prima's (the voice of the original King Louie) estate is involved with some kind of legal dispute with Disney over his "voice likeness". Which prevents any further video or other merchandise from being released.


Considering that the first hoop has already been used with the Vinylmation figures; that shouldn't be much of a problem. Never mind that BOOM! had to license Ducktales, Darkwing Duck and Rescue Ranger; that argument rings quite hollow. As for Louis Prima's estate; the legal dispute was over Jim Cummings's doing the voice (which in my view is so dead on and a partial explanation as to why the estate sued in the first place) and royalties on the voice itself and not the character itself (I mean if it's about the character itself; then the one who drew Louie should be really pissed off and tear into the estate for theft.). Besides; Disney already released the DVD version of TaleSpin with Louie's voice intact; so Disney must be paying royalites to the Prima Estate right now. Unless they are violating the terms of the agreement with the estate.

I think James is trying to make excuses here to deflect the real problem with TaleSpin: trying to sell a comic book based on a show that was the closest to the real Disney as we were going to get post Walt era in a medium that depends on comedy to get over. Plus the excess baggage I mentioned about this in previous posts. I'm so not buying this licensing issue crap. I can understand the difficulty in writing anything on TaleSpin without going to extreme due to the difficult balance the show tries to maintain and stumbles quite a bit in doing so. However; dishonesty is dishonesty.

I should have a new update on the Nintendo 3DS gamelist as early as tonight; as late as Sunday afternoon.

Update (02/19/2011):

So I added FuRyu, Giant Software, Frame Interactive and Terminal Reality to bring the number of developers to 120. As for games; added a lot of titles TBA and I added the Super Mario title (Until I know what kind of Pokemon title they are bringing; I'm not adding it to the list); UnchainBlades ReXX, and I deleted Ricca Chan and transferred it to the Lovely Lisa entry. We are up to 164 titles now. The E-shop list remains unchanged. Remember that the 3DS launches next week in Japan.


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Feb. 20th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
Re: New DUCKTALES title

GREAT NEWS! I only hope that Spector's video skills translate well to print. He will have to tread a fine line since (as it appears from the cover) Donald will be "out of the Navy" in at least SOME sense, and hence there is a real danger that these tales could be UNCLE $CROOGE Lite. But Pujol's doing the artwork will definitely trump any previous DT artistic efforts, save perhaps the quirky ones of Bill Van Horn.

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