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Note From The Future: I've decided to include the post from the TaleSpin blog that I used and make it a sticky so it can be seen first.

With TaleSpin reaching 25 years now; I decided that it's time to do a full tribute with re-rants and additional materials that I didn't speak about during my early recap of the series. Here is the full link fest of the re-rants and posts thus far:

The Original 20 Years of Spin Posts & Links

Chapter Prologue: Plans For The TaleSpin Celebration- http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/172435.html
Chapter 1: I Only Have Ice For You - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/172768.html
Chapter 1(S): Putting A Face on Disney's Overseas Production - Walt Disney Animation Japan: http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/172970.html
Chapter 2: Time Waits For No Bear - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/173209.html
Chapter 3: A Touch of Glass - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/173522.html
Chapter 3(S): The Unavoidable Cost Of Volume: Sunwoo Entertainment - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/173684.html
Chapter 4: It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/173949.html
Chapter 4(S): Additional Services Provided By: Hanho Heung-Up Company Limited - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/174236.html
Chapter 5: The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/174533.html
Chapter 5(S): Always Well Known; Sometimes Misunderstood: Wang Films - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/174802.html
Chapter 6: The Idol Rich - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/174969.html
Chapter 7: Stormy Weather - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/175205.html
Chapter 8*: Plunder and Lightning - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/183484.html
Chapter 8(S): Disney Eurobeat: Walt Disney Animation France - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/183749.html
Chapter 9: From Here to Machinery - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/183948.html
Chapter 10: Mommy for a Day - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/184284.html
Chapter 11: Molly Coddled - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/184538.html
Chapter 12: Polly Wants A Treasure - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/184695.html
Chapter 13: Vowel Play - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/185175.html
Chapter 13(S): Four Shot Wonder: Tama Production Company Limited Animation - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/185482.html
Chapter 14: Bearly Alive - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/185634.html
Chapter 15: Her Chance to Dream - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/186832.html
Chapter 16: All's Whale That Ends Whale - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/186902.html
Chapter 16(S): Two Shot "Wonder": Jade Animation - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/187362.html
Chapter 17: The Golden Sprocket of Friendship - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/187757.html
Chapter 18: For A Fuel Dollars More - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/188050.html
Chapter 19****: A Bad Reflection On You OAV - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/187432.html
Chapter 20: On A Wing & A Bear - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/188261.html
Chapter 21: A Star Is Torn - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/188446.html
Chapter 22: A Spy In The Ointment - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/188687.html
Chapter 23: The Balooest Of The Bluebloods - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/189097.html
Chapter 24: A Baloo Switcheroo - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/190569.html
Chapter 25: Whistlestop Jackson, Legend - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/190925.html
Chapter 26: Double Or Nothing - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/192442.html
Chapter 27: Feminine Air - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/192738.html
Chapter 28: Last Horizons - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/192922.html
Chapter 29: Flight of the Snowduck - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/193132.html
Chapter 30: Save The Tiger! - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/193425.html
Chapter 31: The Old Man & The SeaDuck - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/193872.html
Chapter 32: War of the Weirds - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/194260.html
Chapter 33: Captains Outrageous - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/195151.html
Chapter 34: The Time Bandit - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/195739.html
Chapter 34(S): Services Rendered But Not Credited: Pacific Rim Animation - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/195392.html
Chapter 35***: For Whom The Bell Klangs OAV- http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/190443.html
Chapter 36: Citizen Khan - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/196845.html
Chapter 37: Gruel & Unusual Punishment - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/197054.html
Chapter 38: Jolly Molly Christmas - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/198171.html
Chapter 39: My Fair Baloo - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/198570.html
Chapter 40: Waiders of The Wost Tweasure - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/198887.html
Chapter 41: Flight School Confidential - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/199397.html
Chapter 42: Bringing Down Babyface - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/200274.html
Chapter 43: Jumping The Guns - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/200483.html
Chapter 44: In Search of Ancient Blunders - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/201733.html
Chapter 45: Louie's Last Stand - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/202190.html
Chapter 46: Sheepskin Deep - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/202886.html
Chapter 46(S): The Nelevana Five - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/202514.html
Chapter 47: Pizza Pie In The Sky - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/203083.html
Chapter 47(S): The Spanish Connection: Lapiz Azul S.L. - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/221521.html
Chapter 48: Baloo Thunder - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/203948.html
Chapter 49: Bullethead Baloo - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/204082.html
Chapter 50: Destiny Rides Again - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/204639.html
Chapter 51: Mach One For The Gipper - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/205033.html
Chapter 52: Stuck On You - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/205541.html
Chapter 53: The Sound & The Furry - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/205718.html
Chapter 54: The Road To Macadamia - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/206282.html
Chapter 55: The Ransom Of The Red Chimp - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/206419.html
Chapter 56: Your Baloo's In The Mail - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/207009.html
Chapter 57: Paradise Lost - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/207264.html
Chapter 58: The Incredible Shrinking Molly - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/207634.html
Chapter 58(S): Who Framed TaleSpin?: Walt Disney Animation U.K. - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/339663.html
Chapter 59: Bygones - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/207920.html
Chapter 59(S): The South American Connection: Cineanimadores & Jaime Diaz Studios - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/340590.html
Chapter 60: Flying Dupes - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/208767.html
Chapter 61: Don Karnage Guest Hosting on Raw Toonage - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/321979.html
Chapter 61(S): Ear To The Sky: The Music & Sound Editing of TaleSpin - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/210625.html
Chapter Epilogue: The Importance of TaleSpin and Kit Cloudkicker - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/212102.html

The 25 Years of Spin New Articles And Posts

Chapter C-Prologue: Plans For The 25th Birthday of TaleSpin - Article Coming Soon!
Chapter C-1: Take Off #1 - Plane For Keeps Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/342208.html
Chapter C-2: Take Off #2 - Misdeeds & Daring Don't Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/342622.html
Chapter C-3: Take Off #3 - Khan Job Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/342996.html
Chapter C-4: Take Off #4 - Plunder and Lightning Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/343129.html
Chapter C-TBD: TaleSpin #7 - The Long Flight Home/Catch Of The Day: http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/311807.html
Chapter C-TBD: TaleSpin Audio Book #1 - Drumming Up Business: http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/341142.html
Chapter C-TBD: TaleSpin Audio Book #2 - The Seeds Of Victory: http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/342435.html
Chapter C-TBD: Captains Outrageous Hardcover Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/344737.html
Chapter C-TBD: Her Chance To Dream Hardcover Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/345694.html
Chapter C-TBD: Mommy For A Day Hardcover Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/345358.html
Chapter C-TBD: The Old Man & The SeaDuck Hardcover Comparison - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/345186.html
Chapter C-TBD: Robot Chicken Finally Gets To Spoofing TaleSpin: http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/327143.html
Chapter C-TBD: Federator's Cartoon Conspiracy Episode #32: Jungle Spin: http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/340181.html

The 25 Years of Spin Indices

Index 1**: The Unofficial TaleSpin Species Guide - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/175788.html
Index 2: The Official Cast & Crew Websites - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/169150.html
Index 3: International TaleSpin Openings & Endings - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/210209.html
Index 4: The Official TaleSpin Animation Studio List - http://gregory-weagle.livejournal.com/228086.html

(S)- Supplemental Article.
*- Re-rant already done from November 30th, 2008.
**- Originally created by Kooshmeister; I have re-printed it with edits and additions. This one is on-going as needed.
***- Re-rant already done from June 7th, 2009.
****- Re-rant already done from May 3rd, 2009.

Watch this post for more links on the celebration. Enjoy and comment please.

Quick Updates...

[1.] I have completed the Gruel & Unusual Punishment re-rant commentary, notes and transcript last week. I was planning to do another one today; but due to thunderstroms, I have decided not to risk it. I might do a partial transcript of A Spy In The Ointment or Old Man & The SeaDuck or Whistlestop Jackson, Legend or even Waiders Of The Wost Twreasure on Sunday after swimming and then do the rest of it on Tuesday when it's clearer.

[2.] The TMS list for the Walt Disney Animation Japan Inc. Supplemental is completed. Gargoyles and Bonkers will be next up as lists; but that'll be a long time down the road.

[3.] So Saya has a new partner, whom I suggest is either the main villain and thus Saya will turn babyface. Or Saya stays as the main villain and Sheath the Werebunny becomes a heel and then turns babyface in the Project X Zone 2 game; or the creators will wait until the game is released to reveal that there is a secret villain and both will turn babyface and become a team instead of one solo each. Slpyhie is back and now they are bringing back the shop from Namco X Capcom; so yeah. Not much else was shown that we didn't know. The next unveiling is at the TGS in September, so the final preview video will be shown at that time.

Quick Updates & Other Things...

[1.] What a sad week it was in video games: http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-president-satoru-iwata-has-passed-away/

I may have given up on the video game industry; but I admire Iwata a lot for being more than just the president of Nintendo. He was the kind of person I would have dinner with, and he would probably pay for it and apologize. He was more Canadian than I was. The godfather of Kirby and Smash Brothers; the guy who would program anything and make it work. He is the reason Wii and Nintendo DS exist, for better or for worse along with the Nintendo Directs which made him a star. Sadly; his death wasn't all that surprising. The cause of death is said to be due to complications from a bile duct growth found in 2014; which either was cancer of said duct or Pancreatic Cancer. Doesn't really matter because they are consider two of the worst cancers anyone can get. The five year rates are 30% at best and in later stages, less than 10%. Most of the aftermath has been in tribute to Iwata; but there were some who did mock his legacy. While it is disrespectful and shameful to do that, I'm more concerned that Iwata's death will be used to slam peer reviewed science-based medicine once again from the Mike Adams' of the world. Satoru is a perfect storm soft target for "The Health Ranger" (also known to me as the "He-Man of Woo & Quackery") because he had conventional treatments and he's a gamer and maker of said games. While Nintendo itself isn't known for ultra-violent video games; Bayonetta 2 would make Iwata such a target. To me; that is worse than the console war mockery because it's not only mere disrespect, it might incite people to not get the help they need.

I expect the next Nintendo Direct (which I penciled in for the last week of July/first week of August) will be in memory of Satoru Iwata and it's announcements will be based on the games he worked on. I expect that an amiibo of his Mii figure from Tomadochi Life will be used; along with him being in Smash Brothers as a trophy and his business suit will be available for free as DLC (He might also be automatically inserted in the Fighting Mii Team). The amiibo will come later since Nintendo has enough problems with them as it is. I also expect the tournaments to be added along with the Youtube feature and Smash 64 stages already announced. For a few predictions; the next wave of costumes will include K.K. Slider since the 7-11 deal in Japan has already expired. I expect costumes for Street Fighter: Chun-Li and Guile; along with Sonic with Tails or Amy Rose. As for future DLC characters: Wolf is a given (and we'll probably see a Starfox stage from Smash 64 or Melee made available). I think a grass Pokemon starter as a newcomer is a given to complete the set since disbanding Pokemon Trainer from Brawl. Young Link is probable since it would tie into the Smash 64 Hyrule Castle stage. Pichu is probable if they decide to revive the Pokemon Smash 64/or Pokemon Stadium 1 or Pokefloats stage. Each of the stages will have 6 songs for Wii U; including the main theme and most of them are either leftover remixes from Melee and Brawl, or in Peach Castle's case, a leftover song from the 3DS version that hasn't be released yet on Wii U. Of course; not all of this will be released in August. Some of this will carry over into the next update in October. After that; any new characters will be determined by the Smash Ballot. I would like to see them have a second representive from Sega and Bandai-Namco as well. For Sega: Amy Rose or Tails are the best shots. Bandai-Namco: Kloana or Valkyrie or Dig Dug. Personally; Valkyrie would be great; as long as she gets the Valkyrie theme music in full, unlike a portion in a Namco Museum Arcade remix.

[2.] My birthday is today; so I'm going swimming and celebrating. No presents this time around, though. Anyhow; I have finished the re-rant commentary and notes for Polly Wants A Treasure; but the commentary has not been posted yet, since the transcript is coming on Tuesday. I have also updated the Species Guide a little bit. So I'll see you all on Tuesday. Cheers!

Update (07/21/2015): I have finished the transcript to Polly Wants A Treasure. Sadly; because I finished the re-rant commentary first, I'm going to have to delay posting the commentary until tomorrow after work because there are a number of changes that need to be made to it; and all I can say is that the streak of ****+ in syndication is NOT over; because I discover that the "logic break" that caused the streak to end was not a logic break. That wasn't Baloo sliding straight down; it was Ignatz flying straight down. Sun Woo animation got it right and I got it wrong. So; yeah, I'm adding more commentary and going through the mistakes I made in the re-rant.

Update (07/25/2015): I have finished the transcript to Captains Outrageous and it's posted along with the notes. The re-rant commentary will be added tomorrow because I'm supposed to go swimming; and re-rant commentaries take less time than transcripts. The next transcript will be random, but I'm hoping to do an earlier TaleSpin episode. Maybe The Golden Sprocket Of Friendship or Flight School or something along those lines.

Oh, and Darkwing Duck is still in the latest polls for some reason. Mabel of course is kicking Darkwing's ass and I love Mabel a lot more than Olaf; plus it would be no shame if Darkwing lost to Mabel. If Mabel lost; then there is something wrong with this world. Not as funny as losing to a snowman though.

Update 08/11/2015: I'm still alive everyone. I have done the transcripts for In Search Of Ancient Blunders, Jumping The Guns and For Whom The Bell Klangs along with the additional commentary for all those episodes. Sadly; I have to downgrade For Whom The Bell Klangs to a thumbs in the middle pointing up. My plans for August I'll do the A Bad Reflection On You transcript and maybe A Spy In The Ointment. I really haven't talked here much as of late because I'm just not interested and there has been nothing worth my time. Although I chuckled when Joe's Books has suspended the Darkwing Duck comics in favor of duck based comics. Which means we are getting either a Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge omnibus or a Ducktales omnibus instead. This has been an awful two months for the really stupid full of himself mallard known as Drake Mallard. And I am so entertained by it. Oh; and there are no plans to reboot TaleSpin. Woopie-doo! Like I haven't heard that a million times before.

Project X Zone 2 details in about a week or so. As for Smash Brothers; I was surprised that Lloyd from Tales Of Symphonia was included as a costume for Mii's because I didn't think Bandai-Namco cared about Tales anymore. Otherwise; there wasn't much to see these past months, other than Nintendo having the best performance in Q1 in a long ass whomping time.
Sorry for the delay; Livejournal has been having problems showing up when I'm logged in with Varnish Errors. Or something. Anyhow:

From Here To Machinery Re-Rant: http://cloudkicker.50webs.com/RantShack/TS/TS07.html
From Here To Machinery Transcript: http://cloudkicker.50webs.com/RantShack/TS/TS07trans.html
Mommy For A Day Re-Rant: http://cloudkicker.50webs.com/RantShack/TS/TS08.html
Mommy For A Day Transcript: http://cloudkicker.50webs.com/RantShack/TS/TS08trans.html

I also updated the notes and trivia sections for both episodes. I didn't have too much to say about From Here To Machinery because most of what I wrote in 2010 was accurate; but Mommy For A Day has a lot more thoughts. Enjoy and comment please.

Also of note; Tim Val Hal is selling the storyboard for Whistlestop Jackson, Legend on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281744726653?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Couple of notes:

- The episode is 4306-024, not 4306-023 as originally thought. So some of my production numbers are off in the TaleSpin timeline page.
- Photography is referred to as Dial Photo.
- Finance Minister LaFong has a first name: Erwin. This wasn't mentioned in the final product.
- Erwin is also supposed to be a weasel Peter Lorre type personality and look.

Anyhow; I'll be working on the Molly Coddled transcript tomorrow. Cheers!

So let's see; Darkwing Duck has now lost to a talking snowman, GizmoDuck and Freddy The Ferret. This is so Paint Misbehavin' level of hilarious stupidity. This poll was clearly rigged, but who cares? This is a case of life mimicking art at this point. Besides; after Disney promised us that they would audit games to make sure that no guns were in play, I would think that gas gun would disqualify Drake from the running. Heck; I realize Kit Cloudkicker and Don Karnage would never get into Disney Infinity in any context, but they had a better chance than Darkwing Duck would. Yes old farts, people believe snowman building is better than being dangerous. And really; can you blame them? Olaf is a dope; but at least he's not a full of himself, dated character who starred in a show that looked like a parody of Batman crossed with a low rent Zorro trying to do Tiny Toons humor that was way out of Disney's league. So; there is my laugh of the year right there. That loss made my day. And yes; DAF is trying to petition Disney to correct this issue. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyhow; I have finished the "From Here To Machinery" and Mommy For A Day transcripts. If I go swimming on Tuesday, I'll just do the re-rant commentary for Mommy For A Day; because that episode is still awesome (as in "burials of Kit by Molly are always funny" awesome.) . If not; I might do both From Here To Machinery and Mommy For A Day . Next weekend is Molly Coddled and Polly Wants A Treasure transcripts. Oh joy!

As for Project X Zone 2; it's delayed until 2016. However; most of my predictions concerning the game story did in fact come true (and many of the old enemies from the first Project X Zone game are coming back too). The game is basically a sequel to Capcom X Namco and I'm perfectly fine with that (I originally predicted an alternative retelling by the way). There will be DLC maps, lots of music and themes and Legend Of the Valkyrie X Xiamou! YAY! I hope that game gets localized along with the main game too; since it has never been released outside of Japan in any form that I'm aware of.

Hopefully; Stella Glow will tie me over until then. Then it's Bravely Second coming along with Fire Emblem If, and if we are lucky: both Dragon Quest 7 and 8 if Horii is telling the truth (and there are pointers suggesting that it's coming true.). So I'll see you all soon. Cheers!

The least messy of the arc and would have been awesome if everyone knew what they were doing. It's like watching Chargeman Ken; only with 50/50 common sense rather than none. Enjoy and comment please. That ends the Father's Day specials for another year. So I'm going to resume doing TaleSpin stuff next weekend for sure. Cheers!

Great Kevin Johnston tweet here:

So one of the things I've been wondering is why Disney Afternoon cartoons seem to be ignored in today's nostalgic-loving era. Watching Aladdin, I think I know why. And it's sort of how creators and viewers approach cartoons from a ideological standpoint. Generally, we tend to think of cartoons as broad/silly enough for kids to enjoy, and ideally with enough content for adults to tolerate/get. It's kind of a ground-up idea. When we re-watch old cartoons, we're searching for all the adult themes/gags we missed. The Disney Afternoon on the other hand is sort of the opposite. Generally those toons are more "adult" in tone with enough content for kids. While there are a few "adult" gags/moments, I'm finding that DA toons mostly approached their stories/characters more seriously. When you re-watch them, it's not about finding adult moments, but re-engaging in stories/characters in a more mature way.

It's tricky to describe, so here's an example: think about this basic cartoon plot - the "body switch" episode. Some magical device or whatever forces several characters to inhabit someone else's body. We've seen this done a million times. Most cartoons approach this idea as an excuse more to have comedic fun with characters in different bodies than to deal with the plot. The Disney Afternoon, however, will be more focused on the "seriousness" of the body switching; secondary is the comedic fun. There's very little "OH S**T I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT" on a re-watch of a DA cartoon. Although there are some of those. The response is more, "Wow, they're really working this *ridiculous* plotline with a certain amount of craft/maturity".

Most adults aren't in-tuned to that sensibility. No one really is going to observe TaleSpin & enjoy its storytelling at an adult level. It's animated and it's talking animals so there's little incentive to connect to the show -- -- despite "Her Chance to Dream" being one of the most powerful and significant episodes of *television* in the last 25 years. Outside of its outliers (Gargoyles, Mighty Ducks) the DA was pretty straight-forward content.

I wonder if part of this is in part due to pigeon-holing by the very people who claim that cartoons are a medium. It's one thing for moral guardians to do it; because they do it in order to regain the foothold of their religion as the single most dominant part of their lives. Sure it fails now; but at least their views are based on their own beliefs in a god. When the cartoonists themselves; who are demanding cartoons to be a medium itself are demanding that all cartoon fit into a box that Kevin Johnston described (in a box that is basically a sub-genre of children's comedy), it's not only a bad thing for the medium; but it makes the people doing it look childish and basically pigeon-holing the medium into the "just for kids" box that cartoons get accused of every single time. You wonder why anime got so popular with even Americans? Because anime for the most part; avoided being put in the box. DTVA shows on the whole tried to overcome it; but it's difficult to pull off. TaleSpin, Ducktales and Gargoyles showed how to make adult level stories and come off as mature; but as Kevin stated, no one cared. Why? Pigeon-holing. I wrote about maturity years ago when I was looking at "The Strip" and it actually applies more here than it did with Spike's animation block: If you want mature cartoons; stop using the marketing manager definition of the word "mature". It's an excuse for "adult" content; or more to the point, "infantile adult" content.

As for Her Chance To Dream: You're welcome. I have a lot to say about that episode soon in my additional commentary.

The animation was slightly better and LB and Tweeg are starting to get into their groove now. Still; too long a setup and the shot continuity is still shot. Enjoy and comment please. I might do the final episode on Tuesday depending on the weather. If it's raining; I'm doing the rant. If it's sunny, then I'm going shopping and do the rant next weekend. I'll see you soon. Cheers!

Another mess; but at least the story is picking up steam in spite of it. Enjoy and comment please. So, I'm going swimming now and I'll be back tomorrow with part four of the beginning arc as we finally get to the heart of this arc as we find out what happened to Princess Aruzia and where she is? I wonder where she actually is? Hmmm. So I'll see you all tomorrow. Cheers!

Didn't take nearly as long as the first one; but the episode is still a mess. Enjoy and comment please! The next episode is coming next weekend as E3 is on my plate for Tuesday; although what is Nintendo going to have left when the day comes?

As you are probably aware; new Super Smash Brothers DLC has finally come out for players today. However; 48 hours before the content was supposed to be released; there was a major leak exposing that Ryu from Street Fighter 2, Roy, both Dreamland 64 and Sazuku Castle (Street Fighter 2) stages, and costumes from Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Mega Man.EXE, Mega Man X, Animal Crossing; and some new music along with Miiverse for Wii U was coming today. And all of this content has been officially confirmed now. I do have some thoughts on this:

[1.] The leak is clearly legit; but the way it came about I think is incorrect, sort of. The claim is that Nintendo sent out the V1.0.8 patch by mistake 48 hours before the patch was supposed to go on-line and some who downloaded the patch successfully went and data mined everything. This sounds legit until you realize that it doesn't make sense. For one; Nintendo is much smarter than this when it comes to updating games. So my theory is that this early patch is not the most recent one that released today; but the patch that came with Mewtwo earlier on because all the content shown in the leak was for the Wii U version. Here's the kicker to all this: We knew Ryu and Roy were coming long ago via data mining the Nintendo 3DS version; along with several music themes from Kirby, hinting at Kirby's Dreamland 64 (confirmed for Wii U for sure though) being added along with Ryu's stage (which has been confirmed for both 3DS and Wii U). However; the data miner in question didn't do any data mining for Wii U since he didn't have one. I wonder if all of this leak was really from the Mewtwo patch and it's has been taking a lot longer for it to be data mined for whatever reason. That's my theory to it because it makes the most sense.

[2.] So tournaments are coming in August now; which is basically where I penciled them in since in the October direct, the dates line up to a possible August 2015 release date. Which means that Sakurai's presentation has telegraphed an early August release for the next Nintendo Direct; if not a Smash Brothers Direct.

[3.] All the content seen in the presentation is released now (assuming you can download it from the servers which are in complete overload at this point. I was able to get the V1.0.8 update which is the one that gives me Miiverse for free. The rest of the content I want for the Wii U version has been bought; but I cannot get the download because of the overloaded servers); except for tournaments of course, and two Super Smash Brothers 64 stages. One of them is the Hyrule Castle stage everyone wanted, along with a Super Mario 64 stage. Those stages are not ready yet; but I'm guessing they are coming in August.

[4.] On a minor note; there is a Smash Controller app out now for 3DS controllers which allows to play the Wii U without the game now. Lovely! The presentation showed off new amiibo for the Mii fighters, Duck Hunt Dog, Game & Watch, Robo and Falco with only Falco not coming out in September. There is also a Youtube feature being added, probably for August as well.


This was a mess. An okay mess; but still a mess. Enjoy and comment please. So I'll see you tomorrow with the next episode in the arc with the debuts of the Mudbulps and Prince Arin. Cheers!

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